Seeqle Rebranding

Seeqle is a French startup looking to disrupt the hiring process by cutting steps between the covering letter and the screening process. The challenge with Seeqle was that it needed a fundamental change from top to bottom. After working closely with the Founder and CMO, we’ve decided that a Brand redesign was the best choice. This helped defining all the other mediums like a new website, Candidate interactive CV and Onboarding along with a Recruiter Dashboard to manage applications.

New Brand
New website
New icons

The Candidate homepage objective is to drive users to build their Seeqle interactive CV. It shows the Candidate how they can benefit from having a Seeqle profile by getting in front of the recruiter with a video introduction.

The project is still being developed. The final result will be going live towards the end of the year.

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